We will design a custom photo book showing a story YOU want to see!

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"I received the BEST gift for my birthday. I have never seen anything like it. It is a photo book, but it is the story of my life! My family took all these pictures of us  and had them made into the most moving, the happiest part of our lives together. I cried when I first saw it. And now I smile ever time I see it. Yes, they could have put all those pictures on a thumb drive. But this book is something I can hold and show other people and cherish forever. As I said when I opened the package- best gift EVER!"

Deb, Los Angeles, CA

Photo book of family photos

Make memories through Family Books for year end reviews, graduation, births, pets, vacations, home & garden renovations, children's art.

Family Books

Not enough time to create your family photo books? 


SeeYourStories can create a custom photo book for you.  We free up your time and alleviate the stress of having to do it yourself.  

"My friend LOVED the book. I couldn't have asked for a better result!"

Hope, Victoria, BC

Portfolios/Client Gift Books/Conference & Events

Showcase your work in a professional portfolio book or give a gift to a client that shows their project from start to finish. Ideal for architectural firms, design firms, professional photographers, landscape architects, artists, NGO's and any other professionals.  

Recognize accomplishments while solidifying company culture by gifting a corporate yearbook or anniversary book to your employees.

We also design books for events and conferences.

Conference book for business

Business Books make great coffee table books for waiting rooms, portfolios to show to potential clients or funders, client gift books showcasing their project and employee year end gifts.

Photo book for memorials

Stories of loved ones or family history make great gifts.

Legacy Books

Collect all of those old photos, letters, drawings and other memorabilia to create an unforgettable story.  We can even include a family tree in your custom photo book design. 

"Loved the final product, brought my siblings to tears." 

K.L. Victoria, BC

Need more details? 

Wedding Books

We can work with a combination of professional and personal photos to create a timeless photo book design.

Wedding photographers -- why not offer photo books using the wedding photos that you were hired to take?  Just oursource the work to us. We can either work directly with the client or just with you.  We have a built in feedback loop so nothing gets printed unless it has been approved first.

Photo book of wedding story

Wedding Books are pefect for putting together your wedding story.