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What are photo books?

Photo books are professionally printed books that contain photos, memorabilia and written content printed directly onto the pages of the book.  No more loose photos falling out of your scrapbook. Photo books are an excellent way to preserve your memories.  They also make great gifts for family or for colleagues as corporate gifts.

Why not do it online yourself?

The biggest reason to consider an external design service like SeeYourStories is TIME & QUALITY.  Many online programs will offer you the ability to throw your images into a book.  Some will even self sort the images for you. What you can end up with is an incohesive book with no real story elements, poor quality photos, and often themes or embellishments that may become quickly outdated.  SeeYourStories takes the time to learn your story. We match appropriate photos to help tell your story, process images to ensure they look their best, and work with you to develop a high quality photo book that you can pass on to future generations.

Can I have captioning or text in my book?

Yes.  We believe captions or text segments can further enhance your story.  However, we will need to discuss this before the design process begins as it will affect the layout of the pages.  Additional charges may incur if you decide to add text or captions at the review stage.

What types of file formats do you accept?

We accept high resolution .jpg, tiffs, eps and RAW files.  The higher the resolution the better.  We check all images to ensure they are print quality (300 dpi).  For lower resolution images, we can digitally process them to ensure they are print quality.  This is especially useful for older images.  We do factor this into our pricing as necessary.


Will all my photos be in my photo book?

No.  We select the photos that truly represent your story.  We also keep in mind quality of photos, layouts and best representation of photographic moments in order to avoid repetition. If there are particular images that are special to you, please let us know and we will incorporate them.

Price of Services?
Story Consultation Package
Do you want to do it yourself but just don't know where to start? We can provide suggestions on how to put it together.  We charge a consult fee of $45.  
Photo Editing
Whether your are putting your own photo book together or using our services we can edit any picture(s) for you. This includes basic retouches, scratch and flash removal, red eye reduction, and making digital files print ready.  We charge a minimum of 1 hour (rate is $45 per hour).  After the first hour we charge out at 1/2 hour increments.
Photo Book Design Packages

Price per project will vary depending on the scope of the project (number of photos, how much written content there will be, amount of digital processing, type and size of book and photo book package selected).  

BASIC Photo Story Book Package
  • Prices start at $250 CDN.  

  • Perfect for strictly visual stories.

  • Includes one introductory page with written content to be supplied by client.

  • Consultation and revisions included in price.

  • Client pre-organizes all photos prior to delivery.

  • Additional rates apply for extra photo organization, written content, digital editing and processing.

DELUXE Photo Story Book Package
  • Prices start at $550 CDN.

  • Perfect for stories that have lots of written content and memorabilia.

  • Consultation and revisions included in price.

  • Photo organization, digital editing and processing included.

  • Additional rates apply for creation of written content/captions.

PHOTOGRAPHERS Photo Story Book Package
  • For visual stories prices are based on a flat rate of $450.

  • Perfect for high quality professional photographs.

  • Includes unlimited number of photos.

  • Consultation and revisions included in price.

  • Additional rates apply for book printing.


Photo scans start at 39 cents per photo.  Discounts for 500+. For more pricing check out our Scanning Services Section.


Pricing for slideshows starts at $350.  Prices will vary depending on the scope of the project (number of photos/videos, how much written content there will be, amount of digital processing, whether music will need to be purchased).

Is it more expensive to get a book through SeeYourStories than it is to do it yourself?

Yes.  If you've ever created your own photo book you will know that it is extremely time consuming.  In order to produce a book of decent quality, there is technical expertise that is involved.  While online programs make it easy for DIY projects, they offer limited flexibility with layouts and virtually no support for getting your images print ready. SeeYourStories adds value by checking/processing every photo to ensure it's print ready. We offer unique layouts and we take the time to curate your content to ensure it supports your story.

What are your Payment methods?

Email e-transfer or paypal is our preferred method of payment.  

When do I pay?

Seeyourstories requires you to pre-pay for quoted services up front.

How do I review the book before it goes to print?

We have a built in feedback loop.  We will send you an email with a link to your book.  You will be able to review and provide feedback on each page.  We will not print the book until you have approved all of the pages.  

How long does it take?  

7-10 days to put your story together + additional time for review and print production.   From book concept to  your doorstep could take 4-6 weeks.


Slideshows can take about 10 days to 2 weeks.  

Scanning pictures can take up to a week.

How do I send you my pictures?

Pictures can either be uploaded via Dropbox or other cloud services or delivered via USB, DVD or in person.

Need more details?
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