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Special Scanning Promotion

from Feb 2 - Feb 15, 2020

How it works?

1. Sign up for our newsletter below

2. You will receive a welcome email and an email to schedule a brief call regarding the details of the scanning project.

3. You fill up a standard size shoe box of photographs and deliver the box to us.

4.  We will scan up to 500 photographs (max. 5x7 in size) per box

300 dpi - Perfect for scanning and printing

5.  Digital files will be delivered to you via upload to a cloud or USB, and your originals will be returned.

Why do I need to do this now?

People tend to contact us after they've had a major catastrophe (flood or fire) and managed to salvage some photos or when clearing out an aging parent's belongings. Why wait for these situations to occur? Embrace your pro-active mindset and book a scanning session with us today.

Price per box: $150.00

You save 23% off of the regular price


Add Ons:

Scans saved to a USB - $20 + tax each

**To be eligible for this promotion you must subscribe to our newsletter below.

This promo applies to loose photos only, no albums, slides or film.

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