• Photos
  • 35 mm mounted slides
  • 35 mm negatives
  • memorabilia
drawings, tickets, letters, notes and anything else that might enrich the story you are telling
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Digitally optimized for print quality

SeeYourStories will scan your photographs, slides, negatives and any other memorabilia you want to digitally preserve.  

Why choose us for your scanning needs?

We are a great option for local customers who are leery of sending their precious photos away through the mail. We are based in Victoria BC, Canada.

We are small, so we won't lose or mix up your photos.

We manually scan your photos to ensure they will not be damaged.

We can send you a USB/Hard drive of your photos, or better yet upload the images to a cloud service of your choice so that you can store and protect the pictures offsite if you wish.

We offer scanning discounts to clients who are using more than one service (i.e. scanning and photo books or scanning and slideshows).

*Discounts for 500+

Additional costs:

  • Photo correction

  • scans higher than the resolutions noted in the table 

  • Archival quality, gold DVD

  • USB flash drive or other hard drive unless supplied by client

  • Other file formats (.tiff)

  • Shipping if required.

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